Discussion Group – What are translators doing to adapt to the COVID “normal”

Date:13 May 2020 
Time:16:00 CET 
Facilitator:Carlos la Orden Tovar 


Would you like to know how your peers are meeting the challenges presented by the COVID crisis? Join this facilitated discussion group for translators to benefit from open conversations about how the COVID-19 crisis is impacting your business and strategies for adapting. Please come prepared with your questions. Everyone is expected to contribute to the discussion. This group will be limited to 30 registrants and will not be recorded.

Carlos la Orden Tovar

With a double degree in Translation & Interpreting and in Foreign Language Education in his back pocket, Carlos la Orden Tovar started to travel Europe and America to forge a professional career that has since been linked to Information Technology, Languages and Education. In the last two decades, Carlos has lived and developed his skills in up to 10 different countries, proudly working as a Technology Trainer, Localisation Project Manager, School Teacher, and Translator. His natural inclination towards learning, sharing knowledge, and gathering new experiences has driven his career through a few unbeaten paths, mixing academic and business life in an ever-changing global scenario. Over the years, he has worked with dozens of international clients such as Amazon, Microsoft, 3M, Cisco, Oracle, United Technologies, Movistar, and Nokia, to name a few. He is a regular at translation industry events and loves sharing knowledge and empathy with fellow professionals in order to build a better, more human, yet tech-oriented industry lead by happy people. He lives in the beautiful city of Bologna and splits his time as a Lecturer at Universidad Internacional de la Rioja, Speaker and freelance Language Consultant.