WEBINAR: How to approach sales during the COVID-19 crisis

Date:22 April 2020 
Time:16:00 CET 
Speaker:Jan Flamend 

Jan Flamed from Valueselling.be gives you a number of ideas to tackle the commercial challenge we are all facing. What to do to keep the sales afloat without annoying our customers who have other things to worry about?

Jan Flamend

Jan Flamend founded Valueselling 20 years ago and with his 10 collegues he serves national and international customers. Jan studied linguistics and philosophy and he worked as a sales director for Apple Computer and Hewlett Packard. He wrote several books on sales and communication and he is the author the online sales training Mysellingskills.

Valueselling is a sales consultancy that helps its customers to improve their results through training, coaching and consulting. Valueselling focuses on enhancing the sales excellence ad sales effectiveness of commercial organisations. We believe that the sales team is not the entire organization, but the entire organization should act as a sales team.