WEBINAR – Overcoming Cultural Blind Spots in Multicultural Management

Date:22 July 2020 
Time:16:00 CET 
Speaker:Jessica Rathke 


The language services industry is very unique.  We work, are in contact, are in cross-border teams with and manage people in or from different countries every day of the week.  We embrace other cultures and approach cultural differences with minds that are more open than most.  When it comes to management and leadership, however, there is a strong tendency to unconsciously manage to our own culture.  This may conflict with the cultural expectations of the people we are working with and cause misunderstandings, demotivation, or worse.

In this webinar, where I will be presenting under the Hofstede Insights umbrella, I will share examples from the language services industry where cultural differences caused problems and, using aspects of Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions, explain ways to become aware of and overcome these cultural blind spots.

I hope you will come away with a greater understanding of how culture can impact your ability to manage effectively and provide ideas on how you can have a culturally “clear vision”.


Jessica Rathke

Jessica Rathke is a sales consultant, coach and trainer for language service providers and has helped LSPs in 51countries improve sales performance. She is currently Principal at London/Austin- based Localisation Sales & Marketing and has 29 years of localization sales, management and marketing experience at leading LSPs.  She is also an Associate Partner at Hofstede Insights, a leader in intercultural management consulting and training.

Jessica holds an MBA and has Bachelor of Arts degrees in Foreign Affairs and German from Miami University in Ohio and the University of Salzburg.  She is a keen competitive swimmer.