Elia Connect

Introducing the new membership initiative from Elia for language service companies and independent language professionals to come together with the ultimate goal of better serving end clients and the industry. The aim is to provide a forum to connect and interact between Together events and establish best practice for long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.

Elia Connect complements the role that national associations play in supporting the language industry locally, opening additional doors for Elia Connect Members to escalate their business.

For more information about Elia Connect, please email Deppy Nikolaidou, Elia Membership and Relationships Manager, or call +30 6944 348 437.

What Elia Connect means for you and the industry

For independent language professionals

Elia Connect provides the means to promote your services to language service companies that have signed up to positive working practices, and to gain access to additional opportunities within the language industry to support your career development.

For language service companies

Elia Connect puts you in direct contact with skilled translators and language professionals so you can focus on exceeding client expectations and developing your business.

The industry will benefit from stronger and more positive working relationships between language service companies and independent language professionals that work in tandem to achieve the mutual goal of delivering quality language services to end clients.

Who can join?

Elia Connect is open to Elia Members and individuals who provide services to the language industry on an independent/freelance basis including but not limited to Translators, Interpreters, Localisers, Consultants, Project Managers and more.

Membership costs €110* for 12 months for independent language professionals and is free to full Elia Members as a benefit of membership.

Benefits include:

  • 10% discount to attend future Together events
  • Your profile on the Elia Connect website
  • The opportunity to communicate with peers from across borders
  • Access to resources and services
  • More to be developed!

Once your membership is active, you will be contacted to provide information to complete your profile on the Elia Connect website, which will go live on 30 June 2017.

Join now and become a Founding Member

Register by 31 May 2017 and become a Founding Member with the prestige that goes with standing up as a believer in the aims of Elia Connect. You will receive extended membership until 31 December 2018 at a special rate of €90*.

*Please note that all rates are net