Elia’s Focus on Project Management / 5-6 December 2019

Elia’s Focus on Project Management is the industry’s event dedicated to sharpening the skills and mindset that today’s fast-paced competitive landscape demands of our PMs. Now in its fourth year, it is the language industry’s only event devoted to project management and will be held in Hamburg, Germany on 5-6 December 2019. The format combines a traditional and unconference style to equip project and production managers of all levels with the skills and mindset for success.

Meet the Committee

Susana Peixoto

Committee Chair

Who should attend?

This event is for ambitious project and production managers who are serious about delivering the very best for their company and clients.

This year’s edition is a chance to increase your knowledge, learn from industry experts and network with like-minded peers. No matter where you are in your career, you’ll leave equipped to operate on a new level in 2020.

Why attend?

For you

  • Discover the secrets of leading PMs from our industry and beyond
  • Approach the future confidently with an understanding of the latest trends
  • Identify and overcome the obstacles holding you back
  • Share points of view and be inspired by peers in the same environment

For your company

  • Boost your bottom line with efficient new approaches
  • Build a productive, happy team with a shared idea of success
  • Contribute the latest insights to the company’s 2020 roadmap
  • Deepen client loyalty by delivering added value

The Elia Handbook for Smart PMs

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“Elia’s Focus on Project Management was my first ELIA event ever and I found it amazing. For many reasons including true passion for the industry, average age of attendees, collaborative and friendly engagements. A perfect event for Localization PMs to exchange their experiences and learn new things.” (2018)

Ivan Lukavsky, Moravia

“Thanks to the combination of theory, technology and lively discussions with wonderful colleagues, I came away not just with practical tips and tricks for using our systems but also with different approaches for me personally and new ideas for our processes at Peschel Communications.” (2018)

Andrea Unkelbach, Peschel Communications

“Wonderful event with wonderful and smart people willing to share their experiences in the most friendly manner. I strongly recommend Elia’s focus on Project Management for any PM who wants to learn new things and to find out that we all have the same issues with our clients and, together, we can find better solutions.” (2018)

Madalina Puscas, Translator SRL