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Main Office AdHoc Translations Store Kongensgade 81C Copenhagen K Denmark Representative Jesper Nielsen, CEO Contacts http://www.adhoc-translations.com info@adhoc-translations.com +45 33910919

About Us

AdHoc Translations is one of Europe's leading linguistic and translation companies, and you can rely on us to hand-pick the best translators who are experts in the terminology of precisely your industry.AdHoc's in-house translators and many of our external vendors are state-authorised translators, enabling us to deliver certified translations. But they all share the common characteristic of having amassed specialised knowledge.At AdHoc Translations, we always strive to offer unique and tailored solutions fitted to each industry, client and project, and we accommodate the variety of needs clients have. At AdHoc Translations service and quality walk hand in hand.
The core service areas we operate in are Translation, Localization and Interpreting.

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