Key Account Management – Your secret sales weapon

Speakers: Richard Brooks & Javier Marcos

Account Management is the challenge of winning, retaining and more importantly developing profitable business relationships between your company and its customers. Good Account Managers are the eyes and ears of the client and are crafted in the busy world of Localization Project Management.

Managing accounts (especially strategically important accounts) has become a key part of a company’s success. A company’s ability to maximize the value it offers to its existing customers will have a direct connection to the ability to survive a recession.

Through this interactive training programme Elia wants to share with you practical case studies to help you understand what it takes to be a great Account Manager, the skills you need to learn and how to apply these in an LSP. Bringing in some of the leading thinkers in this space we’ll have a mixture of practical and academic input to give you a complete picture of how to manage accounts and key accounts within your organisation.

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