PM 2021 - Focus on Technology

30 November 2021, Online

Get the right tools for the job!

How could you streamline your work using the latest technology? There’s a vast range of tools aimed at project managers in our industry, so it’s not always easy to figure out what would work best for you. That’s why we created the Technology Day at Elia’s Focus on Project Management. It’s your opportunity to hear about the latest technology solutions on the market and, most importantly, understand how they could make your daily life easier. We’ve hand-picked some of the industry’s top technology providers to give you a preview of a range of tools offering solutions for almost every aspect of your work, from managing workflows to creating translation memories to invoicing and more. Plus, you’ll get hands-on experience and the chance to chat with the experts, making it so much easier to implement your new-found tech knowledge back at the office.

30 November 2021

The first part of Focus on Technology features simultaneous demonstrations by all technology providers, repeated twice to give attendees the chance to see a total of two technology solutions. The Advanced Training workshops take place afterwards.

12:30–13:00Technology demo
13:00–13:05Mini break
13:05–13:35Technology demo
14:45–17:00Advanced trainings
17:00-18:00Let’s make it count! (Networking hour)

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There is no charge to attend the Technology day and meet with leading tech providers.
Spaces are limited and priority will be given to attendees of the event.

Participating companies

Technology Demo

Cloud Productivity on Trados Live Team
Learn about the core features of Trados Live Team, RWS’s comprehensive cloud productivity solution, where Project Managers can easily manage and configure everything they need —from users to language resources and project workflows— to ensure the quality of their translation projects from a centralized location that can be accessed anywhere.

Technology Advanced Training

Trados Live Team: Manage Your Translation Projects with a Fully-Featured Cloud TMS
In this session, our trainer will walk you through the basic Trados Live Team interface and key features: the Dashboard, how to set up your internal and external users, configure project templates for the most common scenarios in your daily life as a PM, import/export existing translation memories, terminology, and other language resources, and monitor the entire translation process at any time.

Trados Live Team: Automate and Leverage Your Processes Using Cloud Workflows
In this second training module, Project Managers will be able to learn about some of the most prominent automation and productivity features in Trados Live Team to leverage language resources, set up workflows to meet your project lifecycle, and enable integration with the powerful toolkit of Trados Studio across all steps.

Technology Demo

Top features for PMs in LBS Suite
Let us tell you about the top features which make LBS a unique management system for Project Managers. We believe that a PM’s daily work is extremely challenging, so we have made it our mission to help make PM’s life as easy as possible. And not only thanks to automation! Join our demo session to see the latest version of LBS Suite and discover how to improve your workflow, optimise your processes, manage your files easily and finally have time to focus on valuable tasks. LBS Suite is customisable to fit any need and process, so whatever the size of your company is, you will find the right solutions for you.

Technology Advanced Training

How to improve your process with new LBS Suite 8
Come and discover all the advantages of LBS Suite 8, our latest version! During the two-part training we will show you in detail how, with the help of the new LBS Suite, to go through the full workflow and how to make it as smooth and easy as possible: from quote preparation, creation of the CAT project directly in LBS, by management of automatically generated folders, easy supplier assignments, reception of completed jobs, up to client delivery. You will also learn how easy and precise tracking the quality of your vendors, managing your resources, or preparing invoices with LBS can be.