Re-engineering the Human Factor – Vendor Acquisition and Community Management

Speakers: Giada Gerotto, Sonia Mokrani & Iulia Batraneanu

Vendor management is what sets the tone and the voice of an LSP towards its network of external service providers. And, though sometimes underrated, strategic and proactive vendor management proves to be key for “the best” solution to your problems rather than “the quickest” one.

In the challenging times we face today a good balance between efficiency and quality is paramount to company survival but to meet customers’ expectations an LSP must rely on a lean and flexible vendor base. And, if you your goal is to not simply survive, expectations need to be excedeed and this can only be achieved through a loyal vendor base.

The interactive session on Vendor Management will investigate interaction patterns to align strategies and optimise the cooperation between the Operations teams, the Vendor Management team and the Vendors, with ultimate aim of keep the outsourcing efficient and cost-effective, but above all human.

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