May 2021
Networking Days 2021
Online, 5 May - 12 May

About ND 2021

The 24th edition of Elia’s Networking Days goes virtual for the first time in May 2021. Launched in 2007, Networking Days is Elia’s flagship event bringing language service companies and industry stakeholders together to share knowledge and network. This year’s event will take the form of a 2-week programme comprising three hours of rich content per day, twice a week (5-6 May & 11-12 May 2021).

Networking Days is an unmissable opportunity for language industry professionals to address a range of business challenges, exchange viewpoints, socialise with peers and share solutions and inspiration on a diverse range of issues facing our sector. Don’t miss it!


  • 4 May
    Day 1
  • 5 May
    Day 2
  • 6 May
    Day 3
  • 11 May
    Day 4
  • 12 May
    Day 5
Welcome Cocktail

Join us to meet your fellow Networking Days attendees and get familiar with the event platform, Remo.

Event Opening

Mini break

Welcome to change! A new paradigm for work… and for life!

Thinking about the concept of change: how does it affect us and how can we make it work to our benefit?

Karim Benammar photo
Karim Benammar
Mini break

M&A and me: Transactions in LSP-land

Roberto shares with us his findings for today’s environment Show more...based on hisextensive experience as a dealmaker and as a trusted advisor...

 Roberto Ganzerli photo
Roberto Ganzerli
Speed networking

Introducing Trados Business Manager version 6

Trados Business Manager can simplify and speed up the day-to-day Show more...tasks that go into running your business. It provides you with the ability to quickly and effectively manage vendors and customers, organize projects, take care of accounting tasks, and report on your business performance.

Join this session to learn about the new release of Trados Business Manager. It is now built on state-of-the-art technology for a completely refreshed user experience, faster performance, and improved scalability. You can also benefit from a more flexible integration with Trados Studio, Trados Live Team integration and a new Trados Business Manager API.

There are many more improvements in the latest version, including:
· Enhanced customer and vendor portals
· Real-time notifications
· New and improved customization options
· Multitenancy support
· Version control for files.

Register for RWS Demo

Camille Avila photo
Camille Avila
Senior Product Marketing Executive, RWS
LBS Demo - Title to be announced

Using New Video Localization Technologies to Grow Your Business

Using video to reach a wider audience for marketing, training, Show more...and e-learning purposes is more necessary than ever before as many employees around the world are working from home due the pandemic. Interest in video localization has seen a surge, however, traditional methods of localizing videos into multiple languages takes time and money. We have to look to new technology to expedite this process and to grow the industry. In this demo session, we’ll show you how new technologies can help expand your business and bring more revenue to LSPs. There will be examples of the latest AI-generated voices, automation of AV integration, and a re-thinking of how to leverage these new technologies in expanding your business offerings.

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George Zhao photo
George Zhao
CEO, VideoLocalize
Translation and Automation: 3 aspects - part 1

Automation is thé buzzword of the past few years. Through a Show more...series of different panels, we have a close look at linguistic automation, process automation and transaction automation. What, how and why me?

Istvan Lengyel photo
Istvan Lengyel
Mini break

Translation and Automation: 3 aspects - part 2

Istvan Lengyel photo
Istvan Lengyel
Mini break

Translation and Automation: 3 aspects - part 3

Istvan Lengyel photo
Istvan Lengyel
Mini break

Mini unconference

Powering Growth: Revenue acceleration – Strategy, execution and measurement for sellers and managers in the L10n Space

Hands-on advice from the front line. How to organise ourselves Show more...and our companies for sustained revenue growth.

 Grainne Maycock photo
Grainne Maycock
Mini break

Negotiating for value in a new world

As the cards are re-shuffled during this time, we need to reassess Show more...our strengths and weaknesses, and think how to interact for optimum results.

Alexander Freeland photo
Alexander Freeland
Networking hour - The bar is OPEN!

Topic based networking hour

Mini break

Translation Economics of the 2020s

What every professional in the translation field and their customers Show more...should know about AI-enabled translation
The long-expected technical revolution is here. Automatic translation is no longer just a freebie on the internet. It is now entering the ‘real’ economy of the translation sector and it changes everything. The fundamental economic laws of intellectual property and scarcity, for instance, do not apply in a world in which machines autonomously generate an abundance of translation. Translation as a social good, not owned by anyone and free to the user, exists alongside translations owned and paid for by governments and corporations.
In this discourse for the Elia Networking Day on 12 May 2021 Jaap van der Meer, Director of TAUS, reviews the translation economics of the 2020s in ten concise sections, each with its own take-aways and questions for the professionals and their customers.
1. How did we get this far and how close are we to ‘human parity’?
2. How does the free model work economically?
3. Cannibalization or polarization? Will free and paid-for translation continue to co-exist?
4. How does AI-enabled translation work technically?
5. What is the state-of-the-art in MT?
6. Where do the data come in? The data gap.
7. Data control, best practices and regulations.
8. About value, cost, skills and scarcity in AI-enabled translation.
9. Recognizing the new roles of data seekers, data keepers and gatekeepers.
10. Monetizing and trading data on the Data Marketplace.

Jaap van der Meer photo
Jaap van der Meer
Mini break

Stepstones for accelerated growth in a post-COVID world

How will our business be structured tomorrow? New needs, new Show more...markets, obsolete models, skills required. What are the points of reference in this new environment.

Josef Kubovsky photo
Josef Kubovsky
Mini break

Event closing


Karim Benammar
Karim Benammar
Alexander Freeland
Alexander Freeland
Roberto Ganzerli
Roberto Ganzerli
Josef Kubovsky
Josef Kubovsky
Istvan Lengyel
Istvan Lengyel
Grainne Maycock
Grainne Maycock
Jaap van der Meer
Director, TAUS
Jaap van der Meer

Who should attend?

If you’re involved in running a language service company of any size, ND is organised with you in mind:

• Language service company owners and founders
• Senior Executives including CEOs, Managing Directors and General Managers
• Production staff including Operations Managers, Project Managers and QA specialists
• Sales & Marketing Directors and Managers
• HR Managers, Vendor and Talent Managers
• Administrative staff
• Language industry consultants

Benefits of the programme

For you

  • Update your practical skills in multiple aspects of your role
  • Approach the future confidently, armed with the latest insights
  • Build your network and share perspectives among like-minded colleagues
  • Be inspired by your peers’ individual and company success stories

For your company

  • Identify actionable growth strategies for the present and future
  • Discover how the latest tech could transform your products and processes
  • Expand your network of partners and collaborators
  • Find smarter ways to work that unlock your team’s potential


Special offer

We are offering 30% off the second registration for an attendee from the same company.

Cancellation Policy

All requests for cancellation or to arrange substitutions must be received in writing. Please contact us by email. Event registrations are non-refundable. Registrations can be transferred to another person provided Elia is notified at least one day prior to the event. No admin fee will apply. Any attendee who registers will receive access to the materials and recordings of the event.
For more information about Elia’s Terms & Conditions please click here.

A new world, new realities: the future happens today

The health crisis of the last 12 months has accelerated many developments in our industry, others have come to a standstill. For the forthcoming Networking Days, Elia has selected industry leaders and subject matter specialists to reflect with all of us on these new realities and their impact on our organisations, our sales, our operations and, ultimately, our strategies. 

Join us for the 24th Networking Days to delve deep into these subjects, exchanging ideas with your peers, meeting and making friends.

Geert Vanderhaeghe
Owner & General Manager, Lexitech
Event Chair

  • Tony D'Angelo

    During one of the introductions it was said that ELIA strives to be considered home for those who participate. That's what actually happened: at ELIA you feel at home, among clever people, a place where you can expand your mind.

  • Nadia Kotaishova

    From thought-provoking speakers, engaging workshops, to an abundance of networking and socializing opportunities - ELIA networking days were simply fantastic! A a highly professional event in a warm and welcoming setting.


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