Elia Membership

Everything we do is designed around the needs and priorities of language service companies and the prosperity and growth of the industry.

By connecting with stakeholders worldwide and listening to language service companies, our goal is to be the industry body that supports your business every step of the way. Elia creates an environment of open dialogue for all, where members connect, exchange and form partnerships with companies that have a business focus on Europe, acquire and develop skills, and for representation of the sector to the EU and other bodies.

“Besides being able to connect and find partners, we acquired an insight into best practices and, as a result, upgraded and improved our processes which yielded a 90% growth or our turnover in 2015. We have gained a lot by becoming an Elia member.”

Gregor Medvešček
Head of Sales and Marketing, Translat

“My business has grown 40% in the last 3 years of coming to Elia conferences.”

Tea Dietterich
CEO, 2M Language Services

How Elia membership will help you reach your goals

Professional development for all

Every member of your team – from the CEO to project managers to marketers– is able to share challenges and ideas, find solutions, develop new skills and access the latest knowledge with our programme of events. Since day one, Elia has been the place to share, inspire and get inspired.

The best in industry networking

Elia is well known for hosting friendly gatherings of industry professionals that boost partnerships across Europe and beyond. But it doesn’t end there: Elia members can exchange views with peers on Elia Synergy, our online members’ platform, or connect and collaborate with other industry stakeholders via the Elia Exchange and Elia Engage initiatives, all year round.

Visibility for you and your company

Get closer to your target market by taking advantage of special rates for exhibiting and attending industry conferences. Be recognised for your thought leadership by speaking at events or contributing to publications such as The Elia Handbook for Smart PMs. You could even stand for election to the Elia Board for ultimate industry visibility!

Be in the know, have the tools to grow

Future-proof your business by accessing up-to-date industry research, and boost quality and productivity by getting hands-on experience with the latest technology from leading tool providers, many of whom are Elia Associate Members. At our events, you’ll hear real-world case studies that your team can adopt or adapt plus the wisdom of experts from both inside and outside the language industry.

Contribute to a stronger industry

If you’re committed to best practice, Elia helps you to walk the talk. You could join the Board of Directors and be part of the association’s governance, sign up to a committee and help plan and develop one of our events and initiatives, contribute to industry best practice by joining Elia Engage, or play a part in shaping tomorrow’s language professionals through our Elia Exchange partnership with academia.

Make your voice heard

How could we make the language industry stronger? We listen to members’ views through our various initiatives and the research we carry out and we work hard to represent the industry in EU forums such as LIND-Web, EMT (European Master’s in Translation), Translating Europe Forum, etc.

Elia members come from across Europe and beyond and can be characterised as companies that are inquisitive, eager to learn and interested in building relationships with their peers in the industry.

Welcome to our newest Members