ND Focus – Elia's focus on Project Management
7-8 December 2017 / Prague, Czech Republic

The second edition of the only event to develop and enhance essential language industry project management skills, to deliver projects successfully and create a competitive edge.


22-23 February 2018 / Athens, Greece

Where language service companies and independent language professionals meet for constructive dialogue on the latest industry trends and challenges.


ND Focus – Elia's networking days for Executives
3-4 May 2018 / Sicily, Italy

The third edition of the business retreat for industry decision-makers, with a unique structured format to foster thought-provoking discussion built around an agenda.


ND Bucharest
12-13 October 2017 / Bucharest, Romania

Thank you to everyone who joined Elia's 21st Networking Days, our flagship event for language service companies to grow and maximise their business.

ALC Partnership

There has always been a close link between Elia and the ALC Association of Language Companies (ALC), its American counterpart: the Elia founders viewed the ALC as the association whose mission, goals and function most closely matched what they wanted to create and learned much from the ALC leadership. The two associations have always maintained close contact and in recent years this has evolved into the sharing of some of the benefits of membership with the members of the other association.

The major benefits for Elia members has been the ability to register for ALC events at member rates and to participate in the ALC annual survey, a unique in-depth survey with the goal of providing a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

ALC members are able to participate in Elia events at membership rates and benefit from the data provided by European companies.

Elia and the ALC will continue to work together for the benefit of our respective members.

ALC website