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Translation, interpreting and global clinical trials – Localization between scientific precision and cultural adaptation

20 January 2021, 16:00-17:00 CET

Speakers: Dr. Matthias Steiert and Afaf Steiert, Afaf Translations, LLC

In recent years, clinical trials have become an increasingly global affair, and the trend to move clinical trials from the country where the product is being developed into emerging countries continues to grow specifically in the Middle East. Translation, localization and interpreting services are necessary to accurately represent the implementation and outcomes of these trials. The language used in clinical trial protocols is becoming more and more differentiated, as it blends medical, administrative and technical jargon, and it involves many traits which are not seen in other medical documents. At the other end of the spectrum are informed consent forms that ask the patient to agree to the protocol for his/her participation and the language must be understood regardless of the level of education. Although the consequences of an inaccurate translation and interpreting can be extremely serious in terms of human lives, credibility and economic revenues, translation is often the last step in the planning of an international clinical trial, and it is rarely given the attention that it requires.

The importance of clinical translators and interpreters is a key element in the implementation of these trials and the way pharmaceutical companies analyze patient report outcomes. This presentation will describe elements and definitions of clinical trials, give translators and interpreters tools to familiarize themselves with clinical trials, examples about cultural adaptation as a significant component of their work, and suggestions on how to enter this specialization.

Matthias Steiert

Matthias is a co-founder and COO of Afaf Translations, which specializes in language services to the pharmaceutical industry. He holds a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Basel, Switzerland. Dr. Matthias is a Consultant at the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357.

Afaf Steiert

Afaf Steiert is President and founder of Afaf Translations, works as a conference Arabic interpreter and oversees all translation services at Afaf Translations. She speaks five languages and has good knowledge of all Arabic dialects. She obtained her MSc in plant molecular biology from University of Basel, Switzerland.

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