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LangOps – This will change everything

17 May 2023, 15:00-16:00 CET
Speakers: Britta Aagaard & Jochen Hummel

LangOps is not just about technology. It’s a set of philosophies, practices, and tools that dramatically increase an organization’s ability to communicate with its global customer base.

With the rapid progression of AI, now is the time to embrace the change and the adopt forward-looking business strategies. LangOps changes the roles of technologies and of everyone in the multilingual eco system.

Meet the LangOps Pioneers Jochen Hummel and Britta Aagaard and learn about this new category that will change everything.

Britta Aagaard
Chief Business Officer, Semantix

The enthusiastic leader of a passionate team of language professionals, technology experts and innovative minds. Semantix is transforming into the leading Language Technology Company for Multilingual Services. We are constantly expanding our own comfort zone, trying harder and achieving more. Building on great people and a strong commitment to language.

Jochen Hummel
CEO Coreon & ESTeam, Multilingual AI and LangOps

Entrepreneur/director/mentor with coder background. Founded TRADOS, the world leader in computer-assisted translation, and Metaversum, a highly innovative startup which mirrored the real life in a virtual world.
Wealth of experience in international business: Built global organisations, raised venture capital, involved in M&A on both sides, executive positions in development, sales, and general management, board seats, startup angel and mentor.
I’m thrilled by combining new technologies with innovative business models. Focus on multilingual knowledge, AI, ML, blockchain, and crypto.

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