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Addressing the current state of the industry and opening the discussion for sharing concerns and challenges together

At ELIA, we’re having very real and honest discussions about the current state of the industry, within our team and with our member community. It’s a tough time for many and we want to address these challenges directly.

We believe in opening the discussion for all to share, support and encourage each other; to work together to find solutions and strengths that continue to serve and grow our industry.

This is the mission and purpose of ELIA, and the timing now is more critical than ever to come together on this objective:

Our goal is to be the industry body that supports your business every step of the way. To create an environment of open dialogue for all, where members connect, exchange and form partnerships.

Thank you Diego Cresceri for kickstarting this conversation with your letter to the industry. Our mission is to continue to facilitate these conversations and offer new opportunities for this in the coming weeks: both online discussion events and in-person discussions at #ELIAExecs.

Share your thoughts and concerns with us in the comments on our Linkedin post, or via our anonymous feedback form, on what support you would like ELIA to provide and any specific concerns you currently have.

Together, we are #ELIAFamily.

Diego Cresceri’s Open Letter to Language Service Providers:

Dear colleagues, 

We are living some crazy times. The challenges and shifts we’re experiencing are unprecedented, leaving a profound impact on our businesses. 

As the owner of a Language Service Company, I fully understand how serious the situation is: revenue goes down, financial constraints are hitting us hard and the ever-looming ghost of uncertainty is upon us.

In times like these, the temptation to retreat into isolation can be strong. Yet, this is the biggest mistake we could ever make: I firmly believe that it’s precisely through collaboration and open dialogue that we can weather this storm. 

Coming together with fellow entrepreneurs to share insights and address common concerns is not just advisable—it is essential, more than it ever was. Our businesses and our teams rely on our ability to adapt and confront challenges with our head up high.

As leaders, it falls upon us to guide our companies toward growth and ensuring they remain a safe harbor for our teams.  How do we achieve this? By fostering connections, staying informed, and embracing change proactively.

Let’s commit to engaging, learning and adapting. Our companies and our remarkable people deserve nothing less.

I am sure that by banding together we can navigate these challenging times and grow stronger than ever before.

With unwavering optimism,

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