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Main Office Envelor Eotvos utca 75 Budapest Hungary Representative Nenad Andricsek Managing Director Contacts http://translationage.com projects@translationage.com +36 706115744 live:andricek

About Us

Hungarian regional SLV working mostly with large MLVs and smaller LSPs, covering their needs for Hungarian, Serbian and Croatian.

On the other side for our Hungarian SMB clients, we are an LSP helping them expand into new markets across Europe and other continents.

Our strenght lies in continuous localization, software and document translation. Working with "fast-paced complex projects" is one of our specialties.
The core service areas we operate in are Translation, Transcreation and Localization.

Working Languages


  • English
  • Hungarian
  • German


  • English
  • Hungarian
  • Croatian
  • Serbian
  • Bosnian
  • Slovenian
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The sectors and industries we specialise in would be Automotive, IT, Marketing / Communication, Technical / Engineering / Manufacturing, Information Technology, Software and Telecommunications.

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