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Main Office Arte.doc 68, Vasil Levski, blvd Sofia Bulgaria Representative Tanya Karabasheva, Contacts http://www.artedoc.com office65@artedoc.com +359 24210170

About Us

Translation Agency Arte.doc is among the first private specialized agencies for translation and legalization in Bulgaria, established in 2000. Arte.doc has 4 offices in Sofia and works with 35 permanent employees and 1723 external translators, editors and DTP freelancers. Since 2006 arte.doc is the exclusive provider of translation services in Bulgarian for the Language Translation Centre for Bodies of the European Union.The agency has public contracts with institutions such as National Social Security Institute, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, the National Customs Agency and other. Our partners are also Bulgarian and foreign NGOs, international agencies, multinational corporations etc.
The core service areas we operate in are Translation, Localization and Interpreting.

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