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Main Office ESGM c/o Regus, 7 kerros Antinkatu 3 D Helsinki Finland Representative Elena Shubina COO Contacts http://www.esgm.fi es@esgm.fi ++358417936541 none

About Us

ESGM is a technologically savvy Language Service Provider based in Finland. We use the latest linguistic innovations to help companies leverage their existing written and multimedia content, enter new markets, and communicate effectively with their partners and customers around the world.
The agency is founded by two language professionals with extensive experience in the field of medical translation and interpreting. While medical content is still one of our key strengths, ESGM provides expert language services in a wide range of areas including tech, business and marketing. We are particularly skilled in the localisation of audiovisual content. ESGM offers a one-stop solution, from the production of subtitles and voiceovers to video editing. In short, we understand what it takes to create impactful and accurate multilingual products that are a pleasure to read or watch.
The core service areas we operate in are Translation and Machine Translation.

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