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Main Office Pangeanic - PangeaMT Trade Center, Prof Beltrán Báguena 4 Valencia Spain Representative Manuel Herranz CEO Contacts http://www.pangeanic.com office@pangeanic.es +34 963385771

About Us

Pangeanic is a Spanish LSP with associated offices in Tokyo and Shanghai working for global enterprises, smaller organizations, MLVs, and (cross-)national institutions in accordance to stringent quality standard procedures - EN15038 & ISO9001 certified.PangeaMT, our own customized open-source SMT and hybrid technology, enables us to offer domain-specific MT engines that are fully tailored to the clients' needs, helping them increase their productivity cost-effectively. Pangeanic has an experienced team devoted to MTPE (post-editing of machine translation). Languages: Spanish (all variants) and EU langs, and all other languages incl. Asian ones. Verticals: Consumer electronics, automotive, marketing/corporate language, finance, medicine, etc.
The core service areas we operate in are Translation and Localization.

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