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Translation automation – Is it a myth or a reality?

26 August 2020, 16:00-17:00 CET

Smaller translation providers face very different realities from the largest companies in the sector. In reality, the differentiator is not as much technology as developing processes together with their customers.

With the proliferation of small and frequent jobs, the industry is already seeing a move towards the “assembly line” approach, but many company owners argue that the automation of processes in the translation industry is not possible, or at least not profitable. At BeLazy, we have done much research to understand the complexities of these small projects and how different translation companies manage them differently. In this webinar we will look at the many variations and aspects in translation projects that make automation difficult, and the skills and qualities of project managers that will bring your company to the next level. We will also discuss some of the lesser-known middleware tools that are worth knowing if you are interested in moving towards automation.

By the end of the presentation you will be equipped to:
1. Start instilling the culture of automation into your company’s daily work
2. Hire a “different” project manager
3. Measure the economic gain from this new approach 

István Lengyel

István Lengyel is the founder of BeLazy (https://www.belazy.cat), the project management automation company that makes continuous localization efficient across the entire supply chain, and also works as technology consultant for Nimdzi Insights (https://www.nimdzi.com). Previously, he was one of the founders of Kilgray, the makers of memoQ, but also worked as a translator, and at an LSP. He holds several degrees in economics and translation, including a PhD in translation studies. He is passionate about technology being a platform to align interests.

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