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VM added value for LSPs, fantasy or business development strategy?

16 September 2020, 16:00-17:00 CET

Moderator: Alina Birsan, AB Language Solutions
Guest: Giada Gerotto, Localization Vendor Manager Consultant

Join us to find out more from the trenches!
Sometimes still perceived as “the dark side of the LSP”, strategic VM may play a key role in helping LSPs surviving challenging times and consolidate their position on the market.
We will explore what Vendor Management can help achieving and how to have VM serve the company purpose the best possible way, with a special focus on three key principles of VM: efficiency, scalability, loyalty.

Vendor Management is one of the key roles of LSPs, no matter the size. Being a successful Vendor Manager means building a Community, it means partnering with vendors and working together as a cohesive group. A successful Vendor/Community Manager is able to tailor his or her approach to each vendor without applying the one-size-fits-all approach, while still keeping in mind the Company’s strategy, priority, and vision. A good Vendor Manager is able to balance out between pursuing the Company’s goals (which are often strictly connected to budget and quality needs) and a good work-life balance for vendors.

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