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3D language quality management made easy

(day TBD) March 2021, 16:00-17:00 CET

Speaker: Kateřina Gašová, RWS Moravia

This webinar will help you navigate through the diverse landscape of today’s language quality management challenges. It will include best practices for how to make the quality management modular and scalable. You will learn how purpose and user-experience drive language quality definitions. Examples will illustrate how to measure quality and collect, analyze and share structured quality data – as those are pivotal for decisions on tapping into the right talent, help fine-tune processes and workflows to ensure cost-efficient “production” of the target content in the quality that the target consumer expects.

Kateřina Gašová

Kateřina joined the first localization team of Moravia in 1994, having previously specialized in technical and legal translations. In 2004 Katerina set the foundation to Moravia Linguistic Services to develop and implement language quality management strategy and expert language-related services at Moravia. As a team leader, expert advisor and mentor, Katerina supports RWS Moravia’s teams and/or provides consultancy services on linguistic quality management process design, definition and deployment, including quality measurement, data collection and analysis. Katerina is also active in MT PE data analysis to research and identify challenges in the areas of aligning quality requirements with effort savings. As a guest teacher, Katerina delivers Introduction in localization in theory and practice course at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic.

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