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Digital Sales Bootcamp

2 June 2021, 16:00-17:00 CET

Speaker: Nancy Hähnel

Do you want to improve your understanding of digital marketing trends?
Do you want to turn relationship-based sales into a more digital selling approach in your organization?

In this webinar I will navigate you through:

  1. Digital marketing trends
  2. Digital sales (in the language industry and elsewhere)
  3. The new and the old buyer generation
  4. How to stimulate alignment of sales and marketing efforts in your organization

Digital marketing helps to engage with your audience and potential clients, while digital sales develop conversion and drive revenue.

Whether you are an organization or a freelancer, digital selling methods help you engage and continue conversations with the modern buyer generation, in an authentic and effective way.

Spending some time on better understanding your potential client and the new buyer persona will help you create touch-points on various channels, which influence the customer in their decision. The goal is to pull interest instead of pushing out the message (and wait for return).

Aligning digital marketing and sales efforts brings your organization on course and helps develop new valuable services and products for your market.


  1. Digital marketing trends
    • Language industry relevant ones (SEO, social selling, marketing automation, video, humanization)
  2. Digital sales (in the language industry and elsewhere)
    • Develop conversion, drive revenue, tools
  3. The new buyer generation
    • Covid-19 effect, digital savvy, subject matter expert
  4. How to stimulate alignment of sales and marketing efforts in your organization
    • Sales translated into Marketing and vice versa, alignment of objective, more synergy
  5. Q&A session

Nancy Hähnel
Owner, NH Global Consulting

Nancy Nancy is a native German living in the Netherlands, who speaks 5 languages fluently.

She has a very deep knowledge of her home markets of DACH and the Benelux region.

Over the course of 20 years in localization, she enjoyed working with several language service providers and tech suppliers, such as thebigword, Logos Group, Cogen (now acolad), Xillio, as well as her own translation company.

Formerly a Business Development Manager and Sales Director, she now helps companies to develop solid strategies, expand into new markets and execute modern sales techniques.

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