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The importance of communication in the language industry

“Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity” – Nat Turner

18 May 2022, 16:00-17:00 CET
Speaker: Sara Naumovski
Moderator: Alina Birsan

No relationship can evolve and grow without communication. This stands for both personal life as well as businesses of all kinds. 

Being a part of the language industry, an industry managing the medium, the vehicle of communication, we should be especially aware of the importance of communication. The idea of this webinar was born when Alina (ELIA Vice President/Founding Manager of an LSP) and Sara (Head of Translation Department/Senior Project Manager) crossed paths professionally in a complicated project, where more than anywhere else the importance of clear communication is highlighted.

Apart from the regular vendor-LSP-client communication, they will touch the subject of internal communication between team members within a company as well as between respective teams of project managers cooperating on a common goal—the superb delivery that will sweep the client off their feet. The actual impact of different types of communication will be presented in case studies. The webinar will take form of a recorded discussion/interview between Alina and Sara comparing their points of view and experience but Sara will be available for Q&A after the video.

Your feedback or thoughts on the subject will be much appreciated. 

Sara Naumovski, Head of Translation Department and Senior Project Manager, Translat

A Graduate in Translation Studies at the University of Ljubljana, Sara found her love for linguistics early in life. However, it was only at Translat where she could combine it with her passion for organisation and management in a perfect role for her—a project manager in the language industry. All things fell in place and Sara quickly evolved professionally and became Head of Translation Department. She enjoys her role as a team leader and loves tackling day-to-day challenges while continuously aiming for improvement.

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