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3 Ways to Make Your CV Standout

In today’s competitive job market, it’s crucial for language professionals to have a CV that highlights their skills, experience, and expertise. 

A well-crafted CV showcases a professional’s language proficiency and demonstrates their ability to excel as a translator, interpreter, or localisation expert! 

Let’s explore three (3) different sections of a CV that will make your resume shine and do exactly the above:

Listing relevant projects on your CV allows you to showcase your practical experience and demonstrate your ability to apply your language skills in real-world scenarios. By highlighting specific assignments, you can provide concrete examples of your work, the industries you have worked in, and the challenges you have successfully overcome. Including relevant projects is key to helping employers gauge your suitability for their specific language needs.

Including a dedicated skills section on your CV provides you with the opportunity to highlight your specific language pairs, working style & personal characteristics that make you an asset to companies. This section helps employers quickly assess your language capabilities and determine if you align with the company’s culture. 

Certifications validate your language proficiency while demonstrating your commitment to professional development. Including certifications on your CV shows potential employers that you have undergone formal training which not only adds to your credibility but also highlights you have an active desire to learn and improve. 

But, finding a training course that provides industry-specific knowledge that is both practical and insightful while providing a certification recognised and appreciated across workplaces worldwide, is far from easy. 

That’s why in partnership with ATC, we have created a comprehensive foundation-level course focused on project management in the language industry! Our in-depth PM Training & Certification course gives learners a thorough understanding of the language services industry, the companies operating in it, and the role of a project manager.

To find out more about our PM e-learning course and how it can help you walk away with a respected & recognised certificate to include in your CV, click here.

Have you changed your resume to fit this criteria? When was the last time you updated your skills and certifications on your CV? Start the conversation today!

Jul 11, 2023 at 11:45 by admin ELIA, Industry
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