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Together 2024 – Call for proposals

Join us for an exciting opportunity at the ELIA Together 2024 conference, happening on February 22-23, in Riga, Latvia. ELIA, the European Language Industry Association, cordially invites you to this eighth edition of our prestigious event, marking our fourth live gathering!

ELIA Together conferences serve as a platform for industry leaders, language service companies, and freelancers to discuss the present and future of the language trade. Our 2024 edition promises immersive presentations and innovative industry fairs that will captivate your interest.

Under the theme “Perfect Harmony,” the conference aims to shed light on the collaborative nature of our professional relationships and the utilisation of technology to meet market demands. By showcasing various perspectives via insightful presentations, enriching networking sessions, and engaging panel discussions, we will explore how we can work together to maximise success.

The 2024 edition will feature two tracks: “We’re on the Same Side” and “Let’s Meet in the Middle“.

To participate, simply submit a proposal aligned with the theme that best represents your interest and expertise. The Together 2024 Programme Committee will review each application and connect you with professionals and experts from around the world.

Track A – We’re on the Same Side:
In this track, we will discuss the valuable role of technology in our industry, dispelling any fears associated with new emergence. Join us to explore potential topics such as machine translation post-editing, artificial intelligence, automation, adapting to new CAT tools, and the ethical implications of technology. We could also address client expectations, bulletproofing your business, collaboration and networking in the digital age, and the latest tools and technologies shaping the industry.

Track B – Let’s Meet in the Middle:
Effective communication and understanding are crucial in today’s digital landscape. This track emphasises the importance of finding common ground and working harmoniously with our counterparts and partners. Topics can include establishing healthy relationships between project managers and freelancers, strategies for accessing new clients and navigating the market, onboarding processes for vendors and linguists, and empowering project managers with the confidence to make challenging decisions.

To submit your application, please complete the relevant sections of the submission form available at the link provided before September 27, 2023. We will provide feedback on your application by October 6, 2023.

Should you have any questions or require further clarification, feel free to reach out to our Together Programme Coordinators:

Indrė Lelevičienė
Diego Cresceri
Carlos la Orden Tovar
Margarida Fernandes

We look forward to your participation in the ELIA Together 2024 conference, where we will create an atmosphere of collaboration and innovation, driving the language trade industry forward!

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