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Is ND23 for you? YES!

23 August 2023, 15:00-16:00 CET
Anu Carnegie-Brown & Klaus Fleischmann

Are you ready to unlock the power of knowledge and engage in thought-provoking conversations? Dive deep into the latest trends and best practices in our industry? Engage in lively discussions about potential opportunities and risks?

If you have any doubt about whether ND Krakow 2023 is the event for you and your business, look no further! We have the ND Program Co-Chairs and ELIA Board Members Anu Carnegie-Brown and Klaus Fleischmann who will share more details about the structure of this event and the topics to be covered over the two days. In addition, you’ll learn more about our two keynote speakers and the more social side of the event.

If what you’ve just read is enough to convince you to join, register here!

To be convinced, come, and listen to Anu and Klaus!

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