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Mastering the Art of Impactful Presentations: Trial by Fire

12 February 2024, 15:00-16:00 CET
Speaker: Marina Pantcheva

The final episode of the Focus Forward webinar series Mastering the Art of Impactful Presentations is all about implementing what you learned from Part 1: ‘Command the Stage’ and Part 2: ‘Guides for Great Slides’.

In this session, six volunteers will take the stage to present on a topic of their choice. As they showcase their skills, they will receive feedback on multiple aspects of their presentation, such as stage presence, slide design, storytelling, and more.

Join us for this dynamic session, where theory meets practice, and gain additional presentation wisdom as we wrap up this webinar series.

Please note that in order to volunteer for Part 3 you need to have attended the previous two episodes of the webinar series. Registration for the webinar itself does NOT mean that one volunteers to be a presenter.

Would you like to volunteer?

This is the third installment of a three-part webinar series. In Part 1: ‘Command the Stage’, Marina provided proven tips and tricks to become a skilled, confident presenter. During Part 2: ‘Guides for Great Slides’ Kris and Marina demonstrated how to create polished and memorable presentations.

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