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The Voices Behind the Words: Member Spotlight with Milena Spelta Parenti from DEMA Solutions

Welcome back to “The Voices Behind the Words: Member Spotlight” – an exciting new interview series where we shine a light on the diverse stories and experiences of our members.

Each interview will delve into the unique perspectives of industry professionals like yourself, offering insights, anecdotes, and reflections on their journey within the language industry. Get ready to meet the faces and voices shaping our community, one conversation at a time.

Our next interview is with Milena Spelta Parenti, Key Account Manager at DEMA Solutions:

  1. Can you share three interesting facts about your company?

We are international by nature. Dema Solutions was founded in Italy and Serbia due to a romantic tale. One of our co-founders, an Italian Sales Manager, moved to Serbia after falling in love with a Serbian PM, both becoming pillars of our company. Ain’t it the best start of any beautiful story?

In 2022, Dema acquired a company in Catalunya, gaining not “only” skilled colleagues, new specializations and further language pairs, but also a wonderful team to collaborate with. We can call ourselves very lucky! We wish to become a reliable partner for Southern European languages, and beyond.

Many of us work remotely from diverse locations like Italy, Serbia, Spain, and Malta. Despite the distance, our sense of unity is heartening. We even arrange holidays to visit each other!

  1. What aspect of your company do you believe sets it apart from others in the industry?

From a multicultural team, for the multicultural world. Our unique blend of team members coming from diverse professional backgrounds, including seasoned language experts, architects, and logistics professionals, enriches our approach and solutions, fostering a culture of shared experiences to be adjusted and tailored for the language industry. Inclusion is ingrained in our DNA.

  1. How would you describe your job to a class of kindergarten kids?

We enable people from various countries to share their fairy tales, allowing Chinese children to enjoy reading Pinocchio in their native language while also providing European children the opportunity to learn about legends featuring dragons.

  1. If you could have any superpower to help you in your role, what would it be and why?  

If I could wield any superpower, I’d choose the ability to anticipate my clients’ needs before they even realize them, and prevent future issues. As a Key Account Manager, this foresight would streamline our work and pave the way for smoother interactions. 

  1. If you hadn’t pursued a career in the language industry, what other career path might you have taken?

Hard to say, as I am exactly where I have always wanted to be. I would have most probably chosen my other passion: art. Yet, I’d still seek out opportunities within an international framework, for it’s in the diversity of experiences that I find true enrichment. 

  1. What have been the greatest lessons you’ve learned from your years in the language industry?

As the product we deliver is intangible and cannot be ‘tested’ like many other products, the core of our activity is not selling mere ‘words,’ but building trust—a never-ending process in communication. This industry is highly technical, especially now with the advent of AI, but what ultimately matters is the connection between people.

Company name: DEMA Solutions SRL
Company website: www.dema-solutions4lscs.com
Name: Milena Spelta Parenti
Job title: Key Account Manager

Apr 16, 2024 at 10:55 by admin ELIA, Industry, Member
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