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Client Acquisition 2024 – A Practical Playbook
Your opportunity to dive deeper!

19 June 2024, 15:00-16:30 CET
Speaker: Robert Martin, Founder and Growth Consultant at Magic Beans Agency

It’s been two weeks since we wrapped up Focus on Executives 2024 in Malta, but we still have more to offer! We are excited to invite you to a follow-up webinar session with Robert Martin from Magic Beans Agency on 19 June, where you can dive deeper into the strategies discussed during his track Client Acquisition: A Practical Playbook.

You came to the event, you received the slides, you studied all that content!

Now’s the time to continue this essential sales-focussed conversation, and your opportunity to ask the questions which will help you move forward with your Client Acquisition Strategy.

Following a well-received, information-dense session in Malta, Robert Martin, Founder of Magic Beans Agency is now looking forward to hearing from you and getting into more detail on your specific challenges.

Topics covered in Malta included:

The Foundations /
Defining Our Niche

Our Focus
Choosing a Niche
The ‘Ecosystem’
Customized Services/ Value


Buyer Journey
How to reach buyers
Content Strategy (3*5)
Fitting in
LinkedIn & other tools

Closing Deals /
Expanding Relationships

Core Concepts
Structured Sales Process
Working with Production

Did everything make sense to you?

Have you already identified what you can integrate into your sales process?

Yes, there is a lot to do, but we are here to help!

Now, join us on June 19th to continue the conversation, ask your questions, get additional support and gain clarity and confidence on your path forward.

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