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Effective Strategies for LSPs to Win and Grow Business with Tech Companies

3 July 2024, 15:00-16:00 CET
Speaker: Kevin O’Donnell, CEO at Global10x

This webinar will delve into the strategies that can drive LSP success among tech companies. Transition from purely transactional relationships to become strategic partners.

Kevin O’Donnell will draw from his 20+ years’ experience working as a Product and Localization leader in global SaaS technology companies to share insights that can unlock more strategic growth, including:

  1. Strategic RFP Creation: Learn how to craft compelling RFPs that meet technology companies’ specific needs. Tailor your proposals to stand out from competitors.
  2. Strategic Positioning: Position your LSP as a partner to enable global scale by adapting your services to highlight expertise in market research, content creation, transcreation, Marketing experimentation, and local customer research.
  3. Expanding Partnerships: Uncover opportunities within your existing clients to solve their growth challenges with your expertise, including customer satisfaction, brand awareness and key market priorities.
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