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Elia Engage

Our Biggest Initiative!

Elia Engage

Introducing the new membership initiative from Elia for language service companies and independent language professionals to come together with the ultimate goal of better serving end clients and the industry. The aim is to provide a forum to connect and interact between Together events and establish best practice for long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.

Elia Engage complements the role that national associations play in supporting the language industry locally, opening additional doors for Elia Engage Members to escalate their business.

Founding Members who signed up as early adopters were given the opportunity to vote on the name that they feel best symbolises the initiative’s goals and aims. The result is Elia Engage, previously known as Elia Connect.

For more information about Elia Engage, please email Elia Association.

What Elia Engage means for you and the industry

For independent language professionals

Elia Engage provides the means to promote your services to language service companies that have signed up to positive working practices, and to gain access to additional opportunities within the language industry to support your career development.

For language service companies

Elia Engage puts you in direct contact with skilled translators and language professionals so you can focus on exceeding client expectations and developing your business.

The industry will benefit from stronger and more positive working relationships between language service companies and independent language professionals that work in tandem to achieve the mutual goal of delivering quality language services to end clients.

Who can join?

Elia Engage is open to Elia Full Members and individuals who provide services to the language industry on an independent/freelance basis including but not limited to translators, interpreters, localisers, consultants, project managers and more.

Membership costs €110* for 12 months for independent language professionals. Elia Full Members receive access to Elia Engage as a benefit of membership through payment of their annual dues, though do need to sign up and commit to the aims of the initiative.

Benefits include:

  • 10% discount to attend future Together events
  • Your profile on the Elia Engage website
  • The opportunity to communicate with peers from across borders
  • Access to resources and services
  • More to be developed!

Once your membership is active, you will be contacted to provide information to complete your profile on the Elia Engage website, which will go live in September 2017.

*Membership rates are ex VAT. Please click here for information about the Belgian VAT rules.

Register now if you believe in the power of strong relationships

Meet the Members of Overseeing Committee

Committee Members

These are the members of the first Elia Engage Committee, who embody the spirit of the initiative and will be in place to develop Elia Engage.

Steven's photo

Steven Lank

Chairman Steven is from USA

An industry veteran, but still a translator at heart, Steve has been involved in the creation of the Elia Engage initiative and its context. He strongly believes that the agency-freelancer relationship is absolutely essential to our industry, and that trust and acknowledging one another’s needs will lead to a win-win partnership.

Carlos's photo

Carlos la Orden Tovar

Independent Language Professional Carlos is from Italy

Carlos is a long-serving industry professional with a career that spans from Information Technology to Language and Education across Europe and America. He splits his time as a freelance Language Consultant and Localiser, Speaker and Lecture at Universidad International de la Rioja.

Dena 's photo

Dena Angevin

Senior Project Manager Dena is from Poland

Dena is an American living in Poland for many years, with experience in project management, translation, revising, proofreading and executive recruitment. She is keen to help develop a more open and mutually beneficial collaboration between freelancers and language companies.

Gökhan's photo

Gökhan Firat

Operations Manager Gökhan is from Turkey

With previous experience as a translator, copy-editor, technology consultant and trainer for translation and localisation, Gökhan is a founding member of various translation-related organisations in his country, and is today a partner in a language company in Turkey.

Roberta's photo

Roberta Tabolacci

Independent Language Professional Roberta is from Italy

Roberta is an Italian language enthusiast and travel addict specialising in creative texts, but always with a glimpse to business management and entrepreneurship. After discovering Africa’s languages and cultures, she continues to work as freelance translator and linguistic consultant in Rome.

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