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Elia Exchange Programme

Elia Exchange is the acclaimed programme from Elia that bridges the gap between the academic and business worlds for the benefit and prosperity of the language industry. Our mission is to prepare the language professionals of tomorrow by: 

This is achieved through three interlinked mechanisms: 

EE Database
The EE Database promotes internships, matching students’ interests and career plans with internship opportunities at language service companies. 

EE Forums
EE Forums are held in-country to promote cooperation and dialogue between local industry stakeholders including academic institutions and language service companies. 

EE Memorandum of Understanding
The EE Memorandum of Understanding is the backbone of Elia Exchange internships and ensures that language service companies apply best practice to provide valuable student experience. 

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Who May Participate

Elia Exchange is open to industry stakeholders with an interest in working collaboratively and cooperatively to benefit the future of the language industry. With 30+ Academic Members from 17 countries, 20 National Coordinators covering 33 countries across 4 continents and 165+ students on the database, Elia Exchange is the leading programme from Elia that addresses the recognised talent gap in the language industry.

For more information and to register, go to the Elia Exchange website.

Language Companies

Influence the future and professionalisation of the language industry. Sign up now to:

Elia Exchange is available to Elia members that demonstrate their commitment to the EE Memorandum of Understanding through the EE Code of Conduct.

Academic institutions 

Improve the employability prospects of your students through access to a network of industry partners, a wider range of internship opportunities and a way of attracting new students.

Go to www.elia-exchange.org to find out more and to register to become an Academic Member. Membership costs €150 and lasts for 12 months. 

Students and recent graduates 

Secure your future as a language professional and access additional opportunities to prove your value to a potential employer.

To register with Elia Exchange, go to www.elia-exchange.org/student-application

Meet our Elia Exchange Academic Members

CountryParticipating Universities
Belgium University of Antwerp, Gent University, University of Leuven, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Bosnia and Herzegovina University of Tuzla 
Bulgaria Sofia University 
Croatia University of Osijek, University of Zadar, University of Zagreb
Czech Republic University of South Bohemia
Finland University of Helsinki, University of Eastern Finland 
France Université de Haute-Alsace, University of Strasbourg 
Germany Anhalt University of Applied Sciences 
Lithuania University of Vilnius 
Montenegro University of Montenegro 
Netherlands Utrecht University 
Portugal Universidade do Minho, Universidade Nova de Lisboa 
Serbia University of Novi Sad 
Slovakia Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, University of Prešov, Comenius University in Bratislava and Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice 
Slovenia University of Ljubljana, Univerza v Mariboru 
Spain Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Universitat de Vic – Universitat Central de Catalunya
United Kingdom University of Leeds, University of Portsmouth, University of Surrey, University of Westminster