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Slate of Candidates

The following Elia Members have announced that they wish to participate in the 2022 election of the Elia Board of Directors. Each has volunteered their time and experience for the betterment of your association. Below you will find each candidate’s vision for helping Elia serve you better in the future.

To view the qualifications and skills each Candidate has chosen to highlight visit the Slate of Candidates – Qualifications and Skills page or click on the link provided in each of the profiles below.

Election information

The election will begin Thursday, 30 June, and end on Thursday, 7 July. Elia Full Members will receive a special mailing with information on how to vote. You are strongly encouraged to review their statements below and any additional materials produced which will help you understand who they are, what they stand for, and, ultimately, who you should vote for.

The Candidates

Alina Birsan

Founding Manager, AB Language Solutions

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Qualifications and skills

Dear all,

I would be honoured and thrilled to continue to serve to our association’s development both by sharing its beautiful core values and contributing to new approaches.

I have been working in this industry since 2005 though I graduated law and management, discovering my passion for multiculturalism and connecting different people from all over the world.

I have worked like a Jack of all trades taking all possible hats from translator and interpreter to founding manager.

I have reinvented my company 3 times during these years, always driven by passion (for languages, technology and people 🙂 )

The moment I’ve attended my first Elia event I utterly fell in love, again, with our industry and the seamless way our association allows knowledge to be shared, fostering coopetition.

Each day as Elia Board Member is a perfect opportunity to repay the warmth and energy I have been receiving on each and every occasion since joining this beautiful Family.

I have faith that my enthusiasm combined with my hands-on experience, creativity, energy, ambition and eagerness to learn can qualify me to take on such an important position.

Anu Carnegie-Brown

Managing Director, Sandberg Translation Partners

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Qualifications and skills

In the past 20 years, the company I work for has been a member of 7 different language industry associations, and I have benefitted greatly from these memberships. Learning from my peers, I have grown from a linguist into a company director, gained access to trustworthy industry information and had opportunities to contribute through 50+ international speaking engagements.

Our industry keeps changing: Digital transformation combined with an agile approach to creating and updating content drives the need to work faster and automate processes. External investment gives rise to super agencies – 25% of the top ranking LSPs are already backed by PE funds. We have market research organisations, recruitment companies, M&A experts, mentors and consultants specializing in our industry. All this enables language service providers to develop new service portfolios and create new roles for our staff and collaborators. In this shifting landscape, ELIA needs to remain relevant and continue to offer meaningful membership benefits; in addition to providing networking opportunities and a collective voice, we must identify what other needs our member companies have and develop solutions for them.

I have volunteered at the UK Institute of Translation and Interpreting, representing corporate members in a committee that guides and supports translators and interpreters in their CPD efforts. I’ve also been a mentor for Women in Localization and one of the founding members of the Elia Exchange initiative. In 2021, ELIA and the ATC invited me to the programme committee that put together the new Project Management eLearning Course to be launched in 2022. Producing such a course has been on my to-do list for over ten years – I’m extremely pleased we finally managed to do it and also honoured to be one of the speakers on the course. Impacting the pipeline that supplies human resources for our industry is one of my key interests.

I teach an ‘Introduction to the Translation Industry’ course at the University of Helsinki in Finland and a ‘Business of Translation’ module at the University of Surrey in the UK, where I have also served on the Advisory Board of the Centre for Translation Studies. I thrive on exploring peer support opportunities and believe that an international industry association is the ideal framework for such projects. That’s why I’m seeking your vote as a candidate for the ELIA board.

Klaus Fleischmann

CEO, Kaleidoscope / Eurocom Translation Services

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Qualifications and skills

Our industry is a wonderful place to work in. Apart from being cutting edge, innovative and essential for global business, it is also characterized by an extreme openness and free flow of ideas.

At the same time, communication about our industry in the public sphere could be better. I would love to devote some of my energy and passion to growing our professionalism, help solving issues that affect all of our members, and keep fostering this honest and open culture in our industry.

Mário Júnior

CEO, AP Portugal

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Qualifications and skills

My goal is to help ELIA promote best practices among its members and support its members in adopting new and innovative business and management models. In the hope that in this way we can help the sustainability of organisations and improve the quality of life of all the professionals who work in this industry that we love so much.

I also hope to be able to give my contribution to the great work that has been developed over all these years by several volunteer leaders who have worked on some fundamental pillars for companies, namely: Human Resources, Technology, Management, and also the relationship between companies and the world of research and academia. I thank you in advance for the opportunity.

Dorothy Scerri

Business Development Manager, Global Translation Solutions Limited (GTS)

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Qualifications and skills

I am aware that the role requires motivated and dynamic individuals who can work in a team to implement any strategy discussed and agreed between the Board Members. I am also aware that the role requires individuals to work on own initiative in tasks assigned to them and within agreed timeframes. I consider myself a responsible and diligent person and I always do my best in any situation to reach the targets set. I also like to take on challenges, and when I decide to go for something, I work hard to accomplish what I would have started.

I love to help others and I am always happy to guide the clients as well as my team/colleagues/partners to reach the goals we set together. I consider myself a very open person and keep up strictly with my principles. If one takes a stand, one has to honour it. If I see that something is wrong or that action needs to be taken, I make sure that immediate action is taken to kill the problem. I have been conducting a managerial position at GTS since 2013, attending all the company’s Board Meetings and I am aware of how demanding such a position may be. I have also contributed to important business achievements for GTS, with historical tender wins and the closing of important alliances with big LSPs.

The role within the ELIA Board requires individuals who can also bring new ideas on board. I am willing to give it a try and contribute. I know it’s no joke and that we need to keep up with the expectations of the members (new and historical) of the association, and possibly go beyond those expectations. As a language association, I am also aware that ELIA has a lot of “competition” because there are various active language associations, LSPs have limited budgets for memberships thus we need to make sure that our peers are confident in investing part of their corporate funds in our activities and membership, and in return take with them a source of wealth that helps them develop and improve their companies and alliances.

I look forward to collaborating actively within the association because ELIA has given a lot to GTS (and myself on a personal level) and it is time to give something back in return.