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Welcome to the Elia Exchange!

We are delighted to announce that Elia Exchange has officially launched. Are you ready to help the next generation with us?

Let’s start the New Year 2023 by investing in our future!

It’s finally here! 

Welcome to the Elia Exchange – the innovative platform connecting universities, students, and industry professionals with experienced speakers. Our mission is to benefit the minds of the future by providing an easy way to access the knowledge and expertise of language and translation professionals. 

With Elia Exchange, you will unlock new possibilities. Universities can better understand the changing landscape of language and translation and develop strategies to benefit current and future students. Professionals can make a lasting impact and gain valuable teaching and mentoring skills that will benefit their own careers. 

Ready to get started? Simply register your speaker or university profile on our website and let’s begin investing in our future!

It’s time to unlock new possibilities and make a significant impact on the lives of others whilst developing valuable teaching and mentoring skills that will ultimately benefit your own career.

Jan 10, 2023 at 15:56 by admin ELIA, Industry
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